[tex-k] header special extension proposal

Hendri Adriaens Hendri at uvt.nl
Wed Aug 17 08:43:32 CEST 2005

> Actually, what I had in mind was something more like this:
> 	http://math.berkeley.edu/~vojta/dvipshack.zip
> To try it:
> 	make test1.ps
> 	gs -- test1.ps
> and likewise for test2.ps.  This is for Unix (sorry).
> Of course, in test1 the perl script is something you'd (I believe) like
> to avoid having the user run (so my example doesn't work either, but if
> one had a working example, then there would be no request to
> modify dvips).
> I don't understand, though, why test2 doesn't work.  Anyone have any
> ideas?

Thanks. I had a look at it and tried it, but the perl script gives
`permission denied', so I can't comment...


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