[tex-k] header special extension proposal

Hendri Adriaens Hendri at uvt.nl
Tue Aug 16 09:17:42 CEST 2005

> The above paragraph doesn't answer my question.  Does the user provide
> the ps figure?

Obviously, yes.

> I could send
> > you a version of that as proof of concept, but it's not supposed to be
> > distributed
> Says who?

Hey, \relax! I said it, because it doesn't work in general because of the
dvips line breaking mechanism that is in effect when writing headers with

> As I said in my previous e-mail, please send an example.

See below. Again, please don't (!) distribute this or use it in any actual
applications. I won't provide help when it fails! Again, the package is just
a proof-of-concept at the moment and even if dvips line breaking in
\special{! could be switched off, there are plenty of things to be sorted
out in the package at the moment, like catcodes etc. I have done that
already here, but didn't include that in the package anymore as I got to
understand that dvips would be a problem anyway for the package. You will
see some strange things when looking at the code. Again, that has been
sorted out, but I didn't do the effort of putting that in the package.


I'll remove it there in a day from now.


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