[tex-k] pdf file flue

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Sep 23 22:44:36 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Tamer" == Tamer Fahim <tfahim at yahoo.com> writes:

    > After creating the pdf file, when opening it, the chararcters
    > look deformed using acrobat 4.0.

Maybe you are using bitmap (Type3) fonts.  You can check this by
       pdffonts file.pdf

Or, if you don't have pdffonts, select "File"->"Document
Properties"->"Fonts" from the acrobat menue.

Type3 fonts are displayed very ugly in Acrobat/Acroread.  But this is
not a TeX problem.  Try xpdf or gv/ghostview instead.

I assume that you use TeX's default fonts.

Current TeX distributions use Type1 fonts by default.  But you get
bitmap fonts if you switch to T1 encoding.  If you need Computer Modern
fonts with T1 encoding you can use ae.sty or lmodern.sty.

If you cannot solve your problem just send me a small pdf file which
shows this problem by private mail.  Don't send it to the list.

BTW., instead of

      latex file.tex
      dvipdf -o file.pdf file.dvi

you can say

      pdflatex file.tex

This does not solve your problem but is probably more convenient.  In
this case you must convert all eps graphics to pdf.  A program called
epstopdf is already installed on your system.


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