[tex-k] a bug in dvipsk

Cyril Fischer fischerc at itam.cas.cz
Wed May 19 08:32:25 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 18 of May 2004 21:08, Tomas G. Rokicki wrote:
> -x means ignore dvi magnification and force magification to be
> the given value.  -y means multiply given dvi magnification by
> the given value.  

>From the dvips manual page:
-x num Set the x magnification ratio to  num/1000.   Overrides the 
magnification specified in the .dvi file. Must be between 10 and 100000.  
-y num Set  the y magnification ratio to num/1000.  See -x above.

I can't help myself, but this I understand, that the magnification in the x or 
y direction can be specified separately. And - having a buggy printer, which 
is not able to print square as a square, I see good sense in specifying 
different magnification in the x and y direcitions.

Perhaps, the better way I should use is the -X and -Y.

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