[tex-k] dvips: Landscape papers handled in an idotic way

Juhapekka Tolvanen juhtolv at cc.jyu.fi
Mon May 17 18:35:58 CEST 2004

Package: tetex-bin
Version: 2.0.2-14

info page of dvips says:

     To rotate a document whose paper type is not the
     default, you can use the `-t' option twice, once for the paper
     type, and once for `landscape'.

That is complete bullshit. All I get is an error like this:

dvips: both landscape and papersize specified; ignoring landscape

If I watch it with gv or print it, text is not rotated so that it would
fit to my A4-sheet. It is cropped.

After some struggling I finally found a way to do it right:

dvips -z -Ppdf -Pwww -Pcmz -Pamz -Poutline -Pcm-lgc -Phfbright $CMSUPER
-G0 -j0 -f -D 1200 -Z -T 297mm,210mm -o ${BASENAME}.ps ${BASENAME}.dvi

"-T 297mm,210mm"! How intuitive and easy! - NOT!

Please, come from the stone age: Rest of the universe know, that the proper
way to express landscape-oriented A4-paper is "A4R" or "a4r". Have you
idiots seen for example copier machines? Their paper trays have text "A4"
and "A4R" printed on them. And how about for example a program called

xdvi -paper a4r ovikyltit.dvi

It is so much simpler. And now go and make it possible to use options
like these:

-t a5r
-t a4r
-t a3r

It just can not be too hard to create options like those. Even maintainers
of xdvi could do it, so hopefully maintainers of dvips can do it, too.

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