[tex-k] [LaTeX - IEEEtran - Testflow]: dvips Z option appears to negate Timothy Van Zandt patch

Tasuki Yamamoto tasuki_y2k at fastmail.fm
Sat Nov 8 23:42:44 CET 2003

The IEEETran Testflow test page and documents are designed to test the
"print work flow" of LaTeX systems. It is very lightweight (only
requiring standard 'article' class) and excellent for verifying most
aspects of good Postscript and PDF generation from a LaTeX system.

So, to help those out who may have struggled after tweaking their
configurations perfectly according to the Testflow documents and cannot
quite obtain nicely uniform line rules: if the Z (bitmap compression)
option of dvips is enabled (lets say via the standard configuration
file), it appears to render the Timothy Van Zandt 'alt-rule.pro' stroke
rule patch useless (at least on screen). After removing the option, the
correct behaviour described in the IEEETran Testflow documents and the
reference PDF document is produced.

Michael Shell, the author of the Testflow package, is aware of the issue.

Tasuki Yamamoto.

P.S. I was using MikTeX 2.3.1281 on Windows 2000.
  Tasuki Yamamoto
  tasuki_y2k at fastmail.fm

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