[tex-k] dvips not embedding all fonts as directed

Matthew Lovell lovell@fc.hp.com
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 11:13:47 -0700

 [This is a courtesy copy to the tex-k mailing list.  I didn't want to 
  send everyone the tarball if they weren't interested.]

Hi Tom,

Tomas G. Rokicki writes:
 > Can you give me some more information, such as an example file that
 > fails, both .dvi and .ps, and any additional necessary files?

Tarball attached below [in email sent to Tom.]

The .tex file is shown below.  I found two items were necessary to
exhibit the problem I described.

 1.  The titles package must be loaded.

 2.  The table must be present.  Note that the table defines a header 
     using the sequence \textbf{\emph{..}}.  Perhaps this is a
     bone-headed thing to do on my part.  (If so, please let me know.)

The resulting .ps file contains only Palatino-Roman.  

If I leave out the titles package, then Palatino-Bold and
Palatino-BoldItalic get included without a problem.

If I continue to load titles and change the myfonts.map file to have
"<<pplb8a.pfb", then Palatino-Bold gets loaded.  Interesting, in this
scenario Palatino-BoldItalic is never included.



% Setup fonts and font encoding

% Typeset titles correctly


This is a test. \textbf{This is a further test.}

    \textbf{Freq.} & \textbf{Purity}  &                    &  \textbf{\emph{Predicted}} \\
    \textbf{(THz)} & \textbf{(&)} & \textbf{Channels}  &  \textbf{\emph{Channels}} \\
    \hline \hline

    135 &  40  &   7200  &  7188 \\
    160 &  42  &   8750  &  8739 \\
    350 & 75   &   ---   & 30386 \\

    \caption{Historical data with predicted fit (example)}


Matthew Lovell
HP Systems and VLSI Technology