[tex-k] [rhn-admin@rhn.redhat.com: RHN Errata Alert: Command execution vulnerability in dvips]

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard@kammer.uni-hannover.de
Mon, 4 Nov 2002 02:39:54 +0100

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Cahill <cahill@helix.nih.gov> writes:

    > As one who uses both TeX and Red Hat Linux
    > without being associated with the creation of either product,
    > it seems to me that the TeX community periodically should construct
    > complete, medium-size, and small bundles of tex, latex, pdftex, fonts, 
    > etc., for distribution by Red Hat, Debian, et al.

If anyone in the TeX community sees a good reason, he will do.

    > It is unreasonable to expect those who distribute linux to become
    > experts in the arcane texnical details of TeX and all the other
    > applications that they distribute.

teTeX is a distribution for the end user, and it is very well
designed.  Usually there is no reason to change anything.  If someone
finds a bug, he should send a bug report.  No more, no less.

If someone wants to change anything, he has to be an expert.  That's


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