[tex-hyphen] extending `hyph-zh-latn-pinyin.tex'

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sat Nov 24 11:02:48 CET 2018

>> Please elaborate.
>   I think the patterns of the form 1nV and 1rV, for V any vowel, are
> useless because all the breaks they specify are already covered by
> the V1n and V1r patterns, and that all the 1gV could be replaced by
> just
> 	n1g
> 	n2g.
> i. e., break between any “ng” in the middle of a word.

Hmm.  I haven't generated those patterns manually.  What you see is
the direct result of patgen – who am I to modify this? :-) To be
serious: If patgen produces those patterns, I think they are *really*


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