[tex-hyphen] Word-division in British English

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Tue May 22 17:28:30 CEST 2018

	Hallo Barbara, copy Dominik --

	Barbara Beeton wrote:
	> Just a note to say we've had a positive reply from OUP.  While it's not nailed down yet, it looks as if OUP may be willing to give a non-commercial licence for their British word-break list to the UK TUG.  I'll keep this group posted.
	> that's super, dominik!  thanks for the news.
	> a new supplement to the u.s. exception list appears in
	> the just-published tugboat issue, but I haven't yet put
	> together the update for ctan.  would it be appropriate
	> to add a note mentioning the vast change in british
	> practice between the patterns currently on ctan and
	> tex live, and the more recent version of the dictionary,
	> and say that efforts are underway to obtain permission
	> to update the patterns from the latest dictionary?

	I do not think that we should /update/ the patterns -- just as with DEK's US version, once released, never changed.  What (I think) we plan to do is to offer new, optional, patterns, that will reflect OED's idea of "current practice".  I for one will stick with the old ones :-)

well, that's actually what I meant -- add "-YYYY" to the
name of the file, YYYY being the year of publication of
the "new" dictionary.  that follows the convention used
for the changed german patterns.  (I would *never*
advocate eliminating such a core component!  I know
you know that, but agreed, other people might not.
thanks for insisting on clarification.)
						-- bb

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