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(sorry for the delayed post)

Attached is patgen.lua, which is a lua52/luatex version of patgen, is case
someone finds it useful as yet another port of patgen. The original plan was to 
extend this to do utf-8, but I lost interest (and then lost the sources also, so
this is a newly created port)

This is a literal translation of the pascal sources, so 8 bit input only. The one
limitation I did remove is the size limit of the input buffer (which does not
really help with anything, but the pascal code was just too weird to do in lua).

On the plus side, it seems to be reasonably fast, even with all the pascal-isms
still in it.

Sander asked if I would post what I have, so here it is … I do not plan to work on 
this any further, so if someone is interested, please take (license = DWYL).

Best wishes,
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