[tex-hyphen] Hyphenation patterns for Belarusian

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Fri Sep 16 22:34:33 CEST 2016

	Hi again,

> Also, is there any easy way to prohibit hyphenation of consonant-only endings/beginnings of a word?
> I can remember a word with 3 consonants at the end.
> Is generation of .ccc8 8ccc. patterns the only way to go? (patterns for 2 consonants are already in place)

  Yes, and I would restrict that to lists of three consonants that
actually do occur in Belarusian.

> Licensing question is still open. I failed to contact Sviatlana and Alex answered nothing about switching to the MIT license.

  I’ve seen you’ve made progress in the mean time from your private
emails; however I’d like to mention that from what I see in your working
repository, you have actually reimplemented the whole file from the
specifications of the Belarusian Academy.  It is thus almost certain
that you can rightfully call yourself the only copyright holder of the
file; the only caveat is the list of 23 words you’ve copied from the
OpenOffice file (whose author must be Sviatlana Liasovich since they are
not in the LibreOffice file by Alex Buloichik).  However it is doubtful
that one can really hold a copyright on a list of 23 words or substrings ...

  That said, it is always courteous to acknowledge the contribution of
previous developers, but I wouldn’t put their names in the copyright



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