[tex-hyphen] Hyphenation patterns for Belarusian

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Mon Aug 29 18:14:23 CEST 2016

>   Using that technique I found a number of conflicts such as б1ь and
> б8ь, в1ь and в8ь, as well as а1й and а8й, а1ў and а8ў, and the more
> intriguing pairs 1’2а and ’3а, 1’2е and ’3е, etc.  This makes me suspect
> that the patterns haven’t been developed with great care.

  Since I’ve been working on a library for pattern manipulation, I’ve
just extended it to report conflicts in pattern sets, and I find 156 of
them in the LibreOffice pattern file for Belarusian, which I copy in
full because they’re quite interesting:

1'2а '3а
1`2а `3а
1’2а ’3а
1'2е '3е
1`2е `3е
1’2е ’3е
1'2ё '3ё
1`2ё `3ё
1’2ё ’3ё
1'2і '3і
1`2і `3і
1’2і ’3і
1'2о '3о
1`2о `3о
1’2о ’3о
1'2у '3у
1`2у `3у
1’2у ’3у
1'2ы '3ы
1`2ы `3ы
1’2ы ’3ы
1'2э '3э
1`2э `3э
1’2э ’3э
1'2ю '3ю
1`2ю `3ю
1’2ю ’3ю
1'2я '3я
1`2я `3я
1’2я ’3я
д1ж д8ж
д1з д8з
а1й а8й
а1ў а8ў
е1й е8й
е1ў е8ў
ё1й ё8й
ё1ў ё8ў
і1й і8й
і1ў і8ў
о1й о8й
о1ў о8ў
у1й у8й
у1ў у8ў
ы1й ы8й
ы1ў ы8ў
э1й э8й
э1ў э8ў
ю1й ю8й
ю1ў ю8ў
я1й я8й
я1ў я8ў
б1ь б8ь
б1' б8'
б1` б8`
б1’ б8’
в1ь в8ь
в1' в8'
в1` в8`
в1’ в8’
г1ь г8ь
г1' г8'
г1` г8`
г1’ г8’
ґ1ь ґ8ь
ґ1' ґ8'
ґ1` ґ8`
ґ1’ ґ8’
д1ь д8ь
д1' д8'
д1` д8`
д1’ д8’
ж1ь ж8ь
ж1' ж8'
ж1` ж8`
ж1’ ж8’
з1ь з8ь
з1' з8'
з1` з8`
з1’ з8’
й1ь й8ь
й1' й8'
й1` й8`
й1’ й8’
к1ь к8ь
к1' к8'
к1` к8`
к1’ к8’
л1ь л8ь
л1' л8'
л1` л8`
л1’ л8’
м1ь м8ь
м1' м8'
м1` м8`
м1’ м8’
н1ь н8ь
н1' н8'
н1` н8`
н1’ н8’
п1ь п8ь
п1' п8'
п1` п8`
п1’ п8’
р1ь р8ь
р1' р8'
р1` р8`
р1’ р8’
с1ь с8ь
с1' с8'
с1` с8`
с1’ с8’
т1ь т8ь
т1' т8'
т1` т8`
т1’ т8’
ў1ь ў8ь
ў1' ў8'
ў1` ў8`
ў1’ ў8’
ф1ь ф8ь
ф1' ф8'
ф1` ф8`
ф1’ ф8’
х1ь х8ь
х1' х8'
х1` х8`
х1’ х8’
ц1ь ц8ь
ц1' ц8'
ц1` ц8`
ц1’ ц8’
ч1ь ч8ь
ч1' ч8'
ч1` ч8`
ч1’ ч8’
ш1ь ш8ь
ш1' ш8'
ш1` ш8`
ш1’ ш8’
ь1ь ь8ь
ь1' ь8'
ь1` ь8`
ь1’ ь8’
'1ь '8ь
'1' '8'
'1` '8`
'1’ '8’
`1ь `8ь
`1' `8'
`1` `8`
`1’ `8’
’1ь ’8ь
’1' ’8'
’1` ’8`
’1’ ’8’

  You can try the same by installing my library from
https://github.com/hyphenation/hydra and the following Ruby script, from
the top-level directory:

require './lib/hydra'
hydra = Hydra.new
hydra.ingest_file '/path/to/pattern/file' # containing only patterns, TeX-style comments allowed
hydra.conflicts # Return the list of conflicts as an array

  You’ll need to run “bundle” first to install the few dependencies.



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