[tex-hyphen] German hyphenation of "Methode"

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Thu Mar 26 10:26:22 CET 2015

>>> Since hyphenation in German is syllabic (the same word seems to
>>> say it: »Silbentrennung«), shouldn’t it be hyphenathed as
>>> "Me-tho-de"?
>> That's not what I observe, using the patterns in TeX Live 2014.
>> The word is correctly hyphenated Me-tho-de.  Could you somehow have
>> something that set \lefthyphenmin and \righthyphenmin to 3 in your
>> document?
> ConTeXt sets \lefthyphenmin and \righthyphenmin to 3 by default in
> German.

And this is good.  While it prevents hyphenation of common short words
like `ei-ne', it globally increases readability of German text.  Of
course, the exception is typesetting narrow columns; here you should
decrease \{left,right}hyphenmin accordingly.


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