[tex-hyphen] More on hyphenating Ancient Greek.

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Nov 13 11:38:16 CET 2014

Dear Claudio --

Claudio Beccari wrote:

> The problem is not LaTeX, but the program used for transforming XML
> source into LaTeX code.

There is no such program.  The XML is processed directly by XeTeX (see

> The additional characters and the scholarly emendations are dealt
> with by LaTeX by means of package teubner.

Neither LaTeX nor Tuebner are being used.

> For what concerns Greek your problem probably persists even if you
> use OpenType fonts, instead of the LGR encoded ones;

I am not using LGR encoding; I am using Palatino Linotype "out of the
box" (i.e., as installed in my Windows fonts directory with no adjunct
files to re-map anything).

> with the latter ones the round and angle brackets are mapped to other
> chars and interfere with hyphenation. With OpenType fonts it is
> possible that assigning a positive \lccode to round and angle
> brackets hyphenation is still possible, but with unexpected results.

Palatino Linotype is supplied in Truetype format :  if I were to play 
with the \lccodes for round and angle brackets, would I also have to 
re-generate the patterns ?

** Phil.

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