[tex-hyphen] Problem With Hyphenation for Bahasa Indonesia

Masrosid Dua masrosid at ymail.com
Sat May 24 14:58:40 CEST 2014

Hi all, I'm posting this message to this list because I think this is the right place to ask.
I am relatively new to LaTeX in general, sorry if this not the right place to ask. Please let me know where I should post this message.

I am writing a document using LaTeX and using babel package with option for Bahasa Indonesia. I found there were some error regarding
hyphenation. So I decided to search on google and found a different version of hyphenation pattern here

I found that version has some modification over the original file in the distribution (I use texlive 2013). 
After doing some research how to install it into my texlive, finally I can install and use it. 
And in fact, it is better. The problem is solved.

But, the question is that, I think when I update the whole system from CTAN, that would be broken again, 
because it will download the former pattern.

So, why isn't there any update on the original?how about replace the the original version with later version such that 
others can make use of it? 
Can someone explain to me how to update that pattern file?

Muhamad Abdul Rosid
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