[tex-hyphen] [lltx] [luatex] towards non-standard hyphenation support in LuaTeX

Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Wed Jan 29 19:47:27 CET 2014

Am 28.01.2014 00:04, schrieb Hans Hagen:

> as i assume that you want to loop over the resulting word (range) 
> anyway, there is not much gain (in fact, you have then a iterator pass 
> as well as a follow up pass over the word);

Yes, that is how it currently works, for several reasons.  During the
current stage of development it doesn't make sense to mix pattern
matching and word identification.  It can of course be done at a later
stage, but modularizing code has its own value with regards to
maintenance.  And if you say the Lua side is not the bottleneck ...

> iterator, but here is a quick and dirty one:

Thanks, that is similar to the one currently implemented in
lua-modules/pdnm_nl_iterate_words.lua, except for the lccode checking.
But this iterator doesn't fully cover TeX's rules with regards to
hyphenation.  E.g., words with a leading or trailing \hbox aren't
hyphenated by TeX.  If anyone feels like it ...

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

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