[tex-hyphen] hyphen.tex and hyph-en-us.pat.tex

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Jan 28 12:20:59 CET 2014

Stephan Hennig wrote:

> is there a file containing a pure text version of the patterns in file
> hyphen.tex?

I see nothing other than pure text in my copy :

% The Plain TeX hyphenation tables [NOT TO BE CHANGED IN ANY WAY!]
% Unlimited copying and redistribution of this file are permitted as long
% as this file is not modified. Modifications are permitted, but only if
% the resulting file is not named hyphen.tex.
\patterns{ % just type <return> if you're not using INITEX
\hyphenation{ % Do NOT make any alterations to this list! --- DEK

modulo a tiny amount of TeX markup.  Can you say more about what
exactly a "pure text" version would be to your mind, Stephen ?

Philip Taylor

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