[tex-hyphen] How to output a character whose catcode is active?

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Fri Mar 1 14:45:39 CET 2013

  Actually I though of something; the *second* byte in the UTF-8
sequence for Georgian letters is always 0x83 (which, by the way, you’re
not testing for), so you could do something like

  \ifx#1^^83% Second UTF-8 byte for Georgian (range U+10C0 - U+10FF)
    \ifx#2^^ad^^e1 (E1)\else% ჭ U+10ED GEORGIAN LETTER CHAR
    \errmessage{Hyphenation pattern file corrupted or T8M encoding not supported!}%
  \else#1#2% The current sequence is not UTF-8, but in some 8-bit encoding; output the plain bytes

  This of course assumes that ^^83 is not used in T8M or T8K, but that’s
highly likely, and in any case we’re not chancing the system much more
than we’re already doing.


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