[tex-hyphen] Draft IETF RFC: Hyphenation Pattern File Formats

Pander pander at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Mar 14 19:18:36 CET 2012

Draft IETF RFC: Hyphenation Pattern File Formats

This repository is used to draft an IETF RFC in which hyphenation
patterns file formats are defined supporting many languages. Two
formats will be defined, one annotated format to edit and one export
format to be processed by (future version of) patgen and friends.

The main goal is to enable hyphenation patterns for compounds and
hyphenation patterns with simple dynamic behavior which patgen
currently cannot handle. The formats will be illustrated with examples
in different languages from which new requirements will arise to
upgrade patgen and perhaps libhyphen.

This repository contains an XML file with the draft RFC. Exports to
plain text, HTML and NR can be made by means of Makefile which calls
xml2rfc. These three output formats are not kept in this repository.

For general discussion, see:

For German specific discussion, see:

For Dutch specific discussion, see:

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