[tex-hyphen] encodings in language.dat

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 14:37:37 CEST 2012

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 11:03 AM, Javier Bezos wrote:
> Hi all,
> Languages names in language.dat may be followed by an encoding,
> as for example:
> spanish:T1
> Apparently this "feature" is not being used at all, at least in
> babel. Do you know if it's used by some other package?

Let alone the fact that it most probably doesn't make any difference
for Spanish (you can use the same hyphenation patterns in LY1 as
well), I'm not aware of anyone actually using it (but I might be

I was thinking of starting using it (for example for Russian), but in
that case I would at least prefer a clear split between UTF-8 and
8-bit engines (two copies of languages.dat), and it is not entirely
clear to me what is the actual demand for that, and it is not clear to
me whether it is worth doing it or not. ConTeXt supports multiple
encodings per language for years now. But in many cases one actually
gets the same patterns for both texnansi and ec.


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