[tex-hyphen] new Catalan hyphenation patterns

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 15:31:57 CET 2012


thank you very much for your contribution. Just a few more question:

1.) Is it possible to include the list of words from that dictionary
into our repository or is the dictionary closed source?

2.) Do you have any list of words that aren't hyphenated properly with
the old set of patterns? A list of differences would be very helpful.

3.) One thing that I would like to avoid is having multiple
hyphenation patterns in the repository. From that perspective I would
be very very very grateful if Gonçal Badenes, the author of original
patterns, would provide some feedback, and if you could both agree
about which patterns are de-facto superior (maybe he also has some
suggestions about your list). The reason why this is so important is
that people will continue to use \usepackage[catalan]{babel} (or
whatever alternative they use to load Catalan patterns) and we would
either have to drop the old patterns and replace them with yours. Or
create a new language name (\usepackage[catalannew]{babel} or
something obscure like this) which people won't be using at the end.
If we choose to replace the old patterns it would be very nice to have
the original author's blessing.

So - is there any chance to get some feedback from the original author?


On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 9:52 AM, Jaume Ortolà i Font wrote:
> Hi,
> I have created a new Catalan hyphenation file (see attachment).
> The new patterns have been checked against a dictionary (Gran Diccionari de
> la Llengua Catalana, Enciclopèdia Catalana, www.diccionari.cat), with 100%
> valid results. The patterns cover all the exceptions, except for one word
> that can be hyphenated in two ways depending on its meaning (àcid
> per-iò-dic, un pe-ri-ò-dic). There remain a dozen rare words that are
> unclear even for the mentioned dictionary redactors, which I have consulted.
> (left,right)-hyphenmin can be now (1,1), which allows valid hyphenations
> like "l'e-mulació", although "e-mulació" is generally undesirable and
> avoided.
> The current Catalan hyphenation file contains 895 patterns, and the new one
> 1499.
> Please, mention my contribution as "Jaume Ortolà i Font, 2012
> (www.riuraueditors.cat), jaumeortola at gmail.com".
> These patterns are already being distributed in other formats
> (Libre/OpenOffice).
> Regards,
> Jaume Ortolà
> www.riuraueditors.cat

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