[tex-hyphen] Unicode patterns for Unicode in Pdflatex/Babel?

Daniel Stender daniel at danielstender.com
Sun Jun 12 12:54:50 CEST 2011

Hi people,

I am trying to make myself clear: I would like to know if it wouldn't be possible to employ a custom
Unicode hyphenation rules/pattern file also for Pdflatex/Babel when the text there is Unicode, too
(with ucs.sty). I've found different comments on the list on custom Unicode patterns for Pdflatex,
a) yes would be possible if you create an own .ldf file for babel, and b) no that would require
some dirty font hacks. Anyway, language.dat should point to hyph-foo and not loadhyph-foo to
generate the pattern for Pdflatex, right? Any comments welcome (please regardless of whether it's

Daniel Stender

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