[tex-hyphen] uploading hyph-utf8 to CTAN

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Mon May 31 14:45:37 CEST 2010

> 1. Do you have a concrete suggestion?
>    The only thing I can imagine is splitting langother into one
>    collection per language.

  One thing I could imagine is splitting collection-langother into
exactly two collections, one for the languages for which there is
support from Babel, and one for the other ones for which there's no
support, only the hyphenation patterns (something like
langhyphenandbabel and langhyphenonly, with better names, possibly).

  I'm willing to create and maintain the list, obviously.

>    Also I already dislike the huge proliferation of tiny collections for
>    several "obscure" languages.  I'd rather be lumping things together
>    than splitting them apart at this point.

  It may make sense to regroup families of lesser-spoken languages, but
the only one I can think of is merging Lithuanian and Latvian into a
langbaltic collection (but even then, why not also Finnish and Hungarian
into languralic?  Danish, Norwegian(s) and Swedish into
langscandinavian?  It seems too touchy).


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