[tex-hyphen] luatex-hyphen & TL

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Wed May 26 17:31:34 CEST 2010

Le 25/05/2010 21:36, Arthur Reutenauer a écrit :
>> I disagree. There may be patterns usable with Xetex but not with Luatex, so utf
>> is not a good category.
>   What exactly do you have in mind?  Or do you mean it on a more general
> level ("since XeTeX and LuaTeX are two different programs, there *may*
> be patterns files that work with one and not the other")?
Sorry for being so imprecise. What I wanted to say is: once we have utf-8
patterns, we still need a bit more information for LuaTeX, in order to choose
between loading them statically (in the format) or dynamically. So, we still
don't get orthogonality.

The more orthogonal solution I can think of right now is:

1. Static vs dynamic: static is for non-luatex engines, or with luatex, for
languages without an entry in language.dat.lua.

If we're in the dynamic world, it's luatex hence utf-8, period.

In the static case, the engine can be any of pdftex, xetex, luatex. Here the
relevant question is: 8-bit or utf-8? And this question is best answered in the
loadhyph-XX.tex file that with cutom language.{dat,def} files for xetex ad/or
luatex, IMO.


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