[tex-hyphen] Fwd: Polyglossia + Serbian Cyrillic hyphenation

Francois Charette firmicus at gmx.net
Mon Jul 26 23:14:23 CEST 2010

  On 26/07/2010 14:43, Arthur Reutenauer wrote:
>> The main problem is with Babel. If we do that then Babel will load T2A
>> and T1 patterns at the same time and will most probably produce
>> disastrous results.
>    Right, I hadn't thought of that.  Then that's probably no solution as
> far as Babel is concerned; and in Polyglossia there already is a
> solution.
>>                else we need to split language.dat (one copy for babel
>> and one for Polyglossia).
>    Obviously, that's out of the question.
Indeed. It would be technically possible to have a hyphen.cfg specifically tailored for 
xelatex, and thus use another "language.dat", but this is not a road we should follow.

>> At the moment one has option [script=Latin] and [script=Cyrillic] in
>> Polyglossia, maybe one could also have an option [script=All] or
>> script=Both or something similar
>    That might be useful in case one needs to use both scripts in the same
> document, but that's a different issue, and that still doesn't solve the
> problem we have in Babel.

Also keep in mind that Script=All or Both makes no sense, as the option determines not 
only which hyphenation patterns to load, but also the definitions of captions and date 

I'd prefer to have:
serbian loadhyph-sr-cyrl.tex
serbianlat loadhyph-sr-latn.tex


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