[tex-hyphen] Fwd: Polyglossia + Serbian Cyrillic hyphenation

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Mon Jul 26 14:43:03 CEST 2010

> The main problem is with Babel. If we do that then Babel will load T2A
> and T1 patterns at the same time and will most probably produce
> disastrous results.

  Right, I hadn't thought of that.  Then that's probably no solution as
far as Babel is concerned; and in Polyglossia there already is a

>               else we need to split language.dat (one copy for babel
> and one for Polyglossia).

  Obviously, that's out of the question.

> At the moment one has option [script=Latin] and [script=Cyrillic] in
> Polyglossia, maybe one could also have an option [script=All] or
> script=Both or something similar

  That might be useful in case one needs to use both scripts in the same
document, but that's a different issue, and that still doesn't solve the
problem we have in Babel.

>                                   but even if we want to load both
> patterns at the same time, I still think that it would be much cleaner
> if Polyglossia takes care of combining them.

  I think they should be considered two different languages with two
different sets of patterns, and the user should use the same
switching mechanism as between two different languages.

> - serbianc
> - serbianl
> - serbian (loading both)

  I don't really see the advantage of introducing a new "language" just
for that purpose.


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