[tex-hyphen] Special languages

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Fri Apr 30 15:06:52 CEST 2010

Le 30/04/2010 13:22, Mojca Miklavec a écrit :
> To answer your question about mongolianlmc: I figured out that I have
>      language_codes['mn-cyrl']       = 'mn'
>      language_codes['mn-cyrl-x-lmc'] = nil
> in generate-plain-patterns.rb. There's a long story to be told about
> that, but some short facts:
 > [...]
> Considering those facts, I do not think that it's worth to care about
> loading mongolianlmc into LuaTeX at this moment. We may consider it
> later when its author comes back from a time demanding job, but at
> that time we'll have a single version of patterns left anyway
> (hopefully).
Ok, thanks a lot for this very detailed explanation. I now tend to agree the we 
don't want to support it in LuaTeX, but the decision is arguably not mine to 
make. Also, see my other message a few minutes ago (in reply to the first 
message in this thread).

> At the end you'll probably want to somehow access data about languages
> in "lua" form as well, so in the long run it might make sense to have
> something like
>      "arabic" = { ... hyphenate=false, ...}
> anyway, but that's up to you.
Agreed. Actually, already implemented :-)

> As far as languages.dat is concerned:
> 1.) I still claim that you don't want to support ibycus
Ok. I'll leave the final decision to you, unless someone else comes with a 
strong opinion about that :-)

> 2.) If the language will not be defined in language.lua.dat, this
> means that the language will not be present in hyph-utf8, so that
> gives you no warranty that format will compile at all.

Well, this is already a problem, since languages.dat is share between all 
engines. So, no new problem here.

On the contrary, we are providing solutions with the new version of the code: it 
is enough for us to add an entry in languages.dat.lua with "special = 
'disabled:non-utf8'" et voilà, problem solved for LuaTeX. (But not for XeTeX 

> a) German timestamped patterns (for which it might make sense to get
> better support in LuaTeX anyway) - hopefully without compatibility
> problems

I tend to trust the german-x team on this point.

> b) If some other author creates a non-utf8 compatible patterns and
> convinces Karl or Norbert to create a tlpsrc file with AddHyphen entry

Unlikely to happen, and again this problem already existed, and we now provide a 
way to solve it for luatex (but the problem remains for XeTeX).

> c) If author of some other language decides to do the same as Germans
More on that later.

> 3.) Keep in mind that MikTeX might have its own way of loading
> patterns (I have no idea how it works), but it doesn't support LuaTeX
> yet anyway, so you may worry about details later.
I'll check that in due time, but I tend to assume they use a language.dat (resp. 
language.def) with the same format, however they maintain/generate it, because 
otherwise they would have to patch babel's hyphen.cfg (resp. etex.src) which I 
assume they don't want to do.

> One more request: I would be really glad if we didn't have to have
> en-us-x-knuth in our repository.
> 1.) The patterns are the same, the ushyphmax only contains a few more
> exceptions.
> 2.) You may load it at format-generation time from hyphen.tex if you
> want to load exactly those patterns.
Granted! I don't need it, for reason 2, so it's entirely up to you.

> Of course we may leave the proper entry in lua table.
Yeah, we need that one, for the list of synonyms.


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