[tex-hyphen] tex patterns as lua files

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Apr 27 14:51:59 CEST 2010

Le 27/04/2010 14:02, Mojca Miklavec a écrit :
>> It's mainly up to you to evaluate if you think those files belong to
>> texhyphen or not. I don't mind doing the little additional Lua&  TeX coding
>> to treat them specially if needed. (Actually, I already know how I would do
>> it for hyphen.cfg, and I didn't look too closely at etex.src yet but I know
>> it's possible too.)
> As far as dummy and zero are concerned, what do you think about the
> idea of creating a separate folder with appropriate txt files for
> those two languages? LuaTeX won't care about location and others that
> might be willing to use the repository won't have to create special
> cases for dummy/zero files in that folder.
Sounds like the best plan to me. Something like plaintext-compat/ or anything.

>> (There are also other files that end up being mentioned in TL's full
>> language.dat but ae coming from other sources. We (meaning Élie and I) need
>> to do something about that, but I propose postponing the discussion about
>> them, since we're already dicsussing a lot of things at the same time).
> - If you mean arabic and others, it's no problem to add an entry to
> that lua file.


> - If you mean ibycus, you probably don't want to support it in LuaTeX

I trust you.

> - If you mean the Germans with their timestamped patterns, we may
> postpone the discussion; in LuaTeX you would probably want to go for a
> completly different route than the current approach anyway.

Ok. We'll have to make a (possibly temporary) decision for them: if we don't 
support loading them from LuaTeX atm, we need to provide at least a sensible 
error message.

> - There are also Javier's ideas about different subsets of patterns in
> LuaTeX that we might want to consider.

I vote for postponing :-)

> - And there are some languages that have zillions of versions of
> patterns (like Russians etc.).
Probably the same as German timestamped patterns.

> Anything else?
Well, your list is already more complete than mine :-) I planed to 
grep-sort-diff a few files laters in order to make sure the list is complete.

>> With current language.dat.lua, "english" points to en-US which is formerly
>> ushyphmax, which means not Knuthian patterns, and that needs to be changed,
>> regardless of what you decide for the rest.
> I fully agree with that. All I wanted to know was how to change that.


PS: did you reply to the list? I'm cc-in it anyway...

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