[tex-hyphen] tex patterns as lua files

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Apr 27 02:30:15 CEST 2010

    Changes to etex.src may be easier to get in, but nevertheless should
    be agreed by etex's authors (not sure about the legal requirement,
    but anyway it looks like the correct thing to do)

Yes on all counts.  I+Elie+Khaled have already spoken to Peter B
(etex.src author/maintainer) about this.  He is ok in principle with
integrating luatex changes into the master etex.src, but (as I
understood it) prefers that they be released as a separate
luatex-specific file first, so they can be more thoroughly tested before
the master is changed.

So our default plan here should be to ship an etex.src in the luatex
tree.  Hmm, seems to me now that it doesn't have to be named etex.src,
since it's used at format time rather than buried in unchangeable TeX
macros.  Right?  If the luatex version can have a different name
(luaetex.tex comes to mind), that would be nice.


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