[tex-hyphen] Re: hyphenation group

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 3 15:20:29 CET 2005

Hi Per,

    nice that I could revive this list without even having joined yet :-)

Indeed :).

      not something very special for hyphenation patterns, but goes for all

Certainly (and this is one of the biggest problems for the "archival"
aspect of TeX).  However, as you say, there is a difference: while it is
easy to load different (i.e., older) versions of style files, it is
nearly impossible for most users to build a special format with a
different set of patterns.  And too much trouble even for those who know
how to do it.

Thus I think the critical thing is your final point, to allow
hyphenation patterns to be read on the fly, instead of just embedded in
a format.  I will ask Olaf about this.  My memory of the TeX source is
that this is not necessarily so easy to do :(.

Why did your hyphenations change because of changes in Babel?  (Just curious.)


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