[tex-hyphen] hyphenation group

Kevin Patrick Scannell scannell at slu.edu
Mon Aug 30 17:01:27 CEST 2004

Hi everyone,

    I'm glad to be participating on this list.  
       One initial thought: it would be nice to solidify the CTAN
   archive as the official/authoritative upstream source of
   hyphenation patterns.   A lot of effort is going directly
   into OpenOffice and the like and it would be a shame to have
   the TeX patterns become out-of-date.
   In part this will mean (1) clarifying the licenses
   for all existing files (this has been a non-trivial issue 
   e.g. with Apache FOP) (2) converting to the XML format using
   by OpenOffice, etc. and offering those files in addition to the
   xxhyph.tex files.

   I have an ad hoc script for doing (2) that I used for Irish.
   I'll try and generalize it and test on some of the patterns
   in CTAN.

On 18:11 Fri 27 Aug     , Karl Berry wrote:
> So as you should have seen, I've set up tex-hyphen at tug.org, which
> consists of: Hans, Petr Sojka, Steve Peter, Kevin Scannell, and me.
> Petr: you may not know Kevin.  He recently wrote a paper on his Irish
> hyphenation patterns for TUGboat, and recruits students and others to
> build new patterns, especially for minority languages.  He's building up
> text databases and spell checking info for 150+ languages at
> http://borel.slu.edu/crubadan/.
> You can get his paper (preprint) at
> http://tug.org/TUGboat/production/tb24-3/tb78scannell.pdf.  (Comments
> welcome, I'm sure :)  It'll be in the next regular TUGboat, should be
> out sometime this fall.  (And hey, hope the trip to Xanthi goes well!)
> Hans said he'd draft up a web page or two, I'll set up
> http://tug.org/hyphen I guess.  Whatever works ...
> Thanks,
> k
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