[tex-eplain] New version of "path.sty" (V3.07) available for testing

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed May 3 12:48:47 CEST 2017

At the request of Nelson H. F. Beebe, a new version of "path.sty" (V3.07) has been created which allows :

  * \path {a~b!c at d$ef^g&h*i(j)k_l+m`n-o=p#qr"st[u]v:w;x'y<z>aa,bb.cc?dd\ee/ff}

as well as the previously allowed :

  * \path |a~b!c at d$e%f^g&h*i(j)k_l+m`n-o=p#q{r"s}t[u]v:w;x'y<z>aa,bb.cc?dd\ee/ff|
  * \path Xa~b!c at d$e%f^g&h*i(j)k_l+m`n-o=p#q{r"s}t[u]v:w;x'y<z>aa,bb.cc?dd\ee/ffX
  * etc.

i.e., allows a brace-delimited token list as parameter as well as the previous identical-delimiter-delimited token list

Nelson has kindly tested intermediate versions and confirmed that they do what is required, but in working on the code I was struck by the unnecessary amount of name-space contamination which it created, so I took the version which Nelson had tested and re-worked it in an attempt to significantly reduce this.  The latest version is therefore untested by Nelson but has (?obviously?) been tested by me.

I would therefore be grateful if others interesting in using "path.sty" or (for example) incorporating "path.sty" into "eplain.tex" could give it a thorough testing; once I am certain that it is robust, I will upload a new version to CTAN.

The present version can be downloaded from :

  * https://www.dropbox.com/s/qs5tt8rca35jlsv/Path.sty

and feedback/comments/bug-reports would be much appreciated.

Philip Taylor

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