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Gérald Tenenbaum gerald.ten at free.fr
Thu Nov 17 00:04:34 CET 2016

Hello again,

Sorry for my previous message. I have been able to install the yhcmex font
and now get no error in typesetting but the wideparen does not appear in the
output, only the small circle, as shown in the attached screen capture.
Many thanks for your help and kindest regards,



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De :  "Daniel H. Luecking" <luecking at uark.edu>
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I am going to assume that you want the \widering from


This was a bit tough, mostly because there is a bug

in its definition in yhmath.sty. But here goes:

\input eplain

% load the yh font for \wideparen
\font\yhten  =yhcmex10
\font\yhseven=yhcmex10 at 7pt
\font\yhfive =yhcmex10 at 5pt

% set up the math family for using it


% determine the hex digit for this new math family
\edef\yhhex{\ifcase\yhfam 0\or 1\or 2\or 3\or 4\or 5\or 6\or 7\or 8\or
9\or A\or B\or C\or D\or E\or F\fi}

\def\wideparen{\mathaccent"0\yhhex F3}
Test: $\widering{ABC}$.


Oddly, cmr contains the ring accent, but plain TeX doesn't

have a command to access it directly (just \aa for the accent

over an "a").


Daniel H. Luecking [luecking at uark.edu]
Department of Mathematical Sciences
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR, USA 72701-1201

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How can one include the LaTeX command \widering into Eplain?
Many thanks for help.


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