[tex-eplain] [solved] Re: Inputting xeplain.tex and the other source files

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jun 11 00:17:57 CEST 2016

    I want to try to use Eplain by inputting xeplain and the other sources 

Why?  Just wondering.

    It seems that the following order is all right:

The script util/mkdist-merge is what does this for the distribution.  It
mostly just eliminates comments, which doesn't matter for you, but also
splits btxmac (and arrow) and inputs pieces separately.  There are
comments in xeplain.tex.

In any case, the order is different from yours.  If you look for the
string (not regexp :) "[[[" in xeplain.tex, you will see:

%% [[[include ifpdf.sty]]]
%% [[[here is the first set of common definitions from btxmac]]]
%% [[[here are the BibTeX-specific definitions from btxmac]]]
%% [[[here is the second set of common definitions from btxmac]]]
%% [[[include texnames.sty]]]
%% [[[include path.sty]]]
%% [[[include arrow1]]]
%% [[[include arrow2]]]


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