[tex-eplain] help with hyperlinks (dvips->ps2pdf)

Frampton, John j.frampton at neu.edu
Mon Apr 6 18:03:11 CEST 2015

I am having trouble getting hyperlinks to find #named destinations.

If I subject each of the .tex files below to

   etex filename
   dvips -z filename
   ps2pdf filename.ps filename.pdf

== File hlinks.tex
\input eplain
\href{dests.pdf#dest2}{Link to dest2.}

== File dests.tex
\input eplain
First page.
Second page.
More stuff.

Clicking the link in hlinks.pdf goes to the first page of dests.pdf, not to the
destination on the second page.

If I put a link to #dest2 in an html file.  It correctly finds the destination

Thanks for any help, John Frampton
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