[tex-eplain] crossing out

=?macintosh?Q?G=8Erald_Tenenbaum?= gerald.ten at free.fr
Tue Mar 1 21:58:00 CET 2011

>On Thursday 24 February 2011 12:48:11 GŽrald Tenenbaum wrote:
>>  Hello,
>>  Does eplain provide a way to cross out a word or a sentence ?
>>  Regards to all,
>>  GŽrald
>Here's one that actually works:
>\vskip 3pt
>Hello \raise 2.5pt \hbox{\vrule height .5pt width .35in}\hskip -.35
>in world!

Many thanks, John.
I used the soul package as explained by Oleg, 
since it has the advantage that one does not need 
computing the length of the word to be crossed 
out. But your simple macro is certainly good for 
using once in while.


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