[tex-eplain] Landscape illustrations and captions

Adam Fenn acwfenn at ntlworld.com
Tue Sep 22 10:50:00 CEST 2009

How can I modify the hyperlinks example (8.1) in the eplain 
documentation so that the caption appears on the right side of the 
illustration and is also centred on the illustration?
The only modification to the code I have made is to add the option 


  \input eplain







\global\advance\fignumber by 1
\setbox\imgbox = \hbox{\includegraphics[angle=90,width=#4]{#2}}%
\rotatebox{90}{F{\sc IGURE}~\the\fignumber.  #3}%

\fig{CTANlion}{ctan_lion_350x350}{Lion in the archives}{200pt}


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