[tex-eplain] \detokenize

John Frampton j.frampton at neu.edu
Sat Nov 14 00:35:56 CET 2009

Is there any easy way to define a variety of etex's \detokenize so that a space 
is not introduced after a control sequence if there no space after the token in 
the argument of \detokenize?

So, for example, \mydetokenize{\relax.} doesn't introduce a space after the 
string expansion of \relax, assuming of course that the period hasn't been made 
a letter.  The effect I'm looking for is to apply \string sequentially to each 
of the tokens in the argument of \mydetokenize.  I could write a loop macro to 
carry this out.  I'm curious if there is any simpler (and faster) way to do this.

John Frampton

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