[tex-eplain] optional arguments

Adam Fenn acwfenn at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 24 07:30:43 CET 2009

> On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 11:18:31AM -0500, Dan Luecking wrote:
> > It seems to work for me.
> I've just tried and it works for me, too.  The macros Adam sent just
> cannot produce the "of" in front of "London".  This might be a stale
> .ind or .idx file which you are seeing.  Try removing those files and
> rebuilding your document.
> Oleg

Sorry, I didn't explain myself very well. The problem is not the missing 
'of' - I missed that out of my example. The problem is that when you use
Oleg's \architect macro without the optional argument the index is typeset 
correctly, but when you use the optional argument the index is typeset 
incorrectly and the order is reversed. 

(No optional argument)
Smith, 1
Smith, John, 1

(With optional argument)

Smith, John, (architect, of London,) 1
Smith, (architect, of London,) 1Adam.

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