[tex-eplain] Res: hyphenation patterns in plain TeX

Flavio Costa flaviocosta at yahoo.com.br
Mon Aug 17 21:35:21 CEST 2009

> Sorry if this seems a silly question, but does anyone know how to access the hyphenation
> patterns for different languages within a plain TeX set up (I am increasingly using (plain) XeTeX,
> and the usual  \input eplain works well with that)?

My humble two cents: although I could use XeLaTeX with babel, babel was not conceived having pure UTF-8 input in mind, so when I started working with XeLaTeX I moved to polyglossia package. I'm not sure if, from a XeTeX + eplain perspective there is any difference between polyglossia and babel, and even if you would be able to use any polyglossia features (polyglossia relies on XeLaTeX's fontspec package) inside eplain, but perhaps this is something worth checking. Well, or maybe in a near future...

Flavio Costa

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