[tex-eplain] hypertext problems

John Frampton j.frampton at neu.edu
Fri Sep 12 14:34:00 CEST 2008

Thanks to John Was, Dan Lueking, Jim Diamond, and Oleg for helping with my 
hypertext problems.

It turns out that the core problem involved commmand line option specification 
for dvips.

     dvips -z myfile.dvi                    produces the desired result
     dvips -z -O 0.1in,0.1in myfile.dvi     does not

The -O option is used to offset the image to correct for printers (like mine) 
that offset pages.  The dvips documentation says it "is usually best specified 
in the printer-specific configuration file", but does not disallow its use as a 
command line option.

It seems to me to be a dvips bug, but maybe I'm missing something.

Thanks again,

John Was wrote:
> Hello John
> I wonder if your code would work if you typeset with XeTeX (or 
> XeLaTeX).  I gather that the latest TeXLive (2008) is supposed to 
> support PSTricks unproblematically.  I am still on the 2007 distribution 
> (being in the middle of a couple of jobs), which seems to support 
> PSTricks (in that no error messages are produced) but produces some 
> unexpected results with lines and diagrams (though it is robust with 
> some PSTricks features, such as moving text around with \rput or using 
> scalebox and various other commands that I routinely employ).
> Xe(La)TeX produces a PDF directly, of course, and as far as I recall 
> from discussion threads in the past, many users habitually embed working 
> URL links in their PDFs - not something I have to do myself.
> Eplain itself is certainly supported by Xe(La)TeX - I've used the 
> multicolumn feature heavily in recent days.
> May be worth a try?  (I use plain TeX myself so can't comment 
> specifically on LaTeX issues.)
> John Was
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> Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 3:36 PM
> Subject: [tex-eplain] hypertext problems
>> If I Tex the following file:
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>> \input eplain
>> \beginpackages
>> \usepackage{color}
>> \usepackage{url}
>> \endpackages
>> \enablehyperlinks
>> (1) Click on
>> \href{http://www.math.neu.edu/undergrad/mthu130}{menu}
>> to see a menu.
>> (2) Click on
>> \url{http://www.math.neu.edu/undergrad/mthu130}
>> to see a menu.
>> (3) Click on \hlstart{url}{}%
>> {http://www.math.neu.edu/undergrad/mthu130}menu \hlend
>> to see a menu.
>> \bye
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>> , then apply dvips (with the -z) option, then ps2pdf, a pdf file
>> is produced.  For (1), /table/ appears colored, but is not a
>> link.  (2) works as expected.  Clicking the link goes to the
>> desired url.  (3) produces a link with "menu " appended to the
>> url.  (1) is the form that I need.
>> I have no idea what is going on.  Any help would be appreciated.
>> Because I use PSTricks heavily, using dvipdfm or pdftex is not a
>> viable option.
>> Thanks,
>> John Frampton

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