[tex-eplain] different hyphenation patterns (recommended way of handling)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Oct 26 23:52:01 CET 2008


First, I had in mind using etex directly.  I see no need to use
eplain.fmt.  Your source file would just start with \input eplain.
That's the usual thing to do anyway.  In that case, the \lang at ... names
are defined.

Second, eplain.fmt is already built using etex.  However, looking at
eplain.log, the names of the patterns are \l at ... instead of \lang at ...
So I believe you can still use names instead of numbers, just different

This difference happens because eplain.ini doesn't read the etex.src
input file when building eplain.fmt.  I'm not sure if doing so will
cause any problems; etex.src redefines some low-level macros in
plain.tex, and so does eplain.tex.  Sorry, I can't invest time in
testing this.  If you're able to, that would be great.

Third, the person responsible for eplain.ini and the TL configuration of
this stuff is me.


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