[tex-eplain] different hyphenation patterns (recommended way of handling)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Oct 22 02:15:13 CEST 2008

    If I don't build the format myself (I'm using TexLive-2008)

Since you are using TL08, you can just run "etex" (or "pdfetex").  They
already include all languages.
    how can I find out which language number selects which language?

What I did for Texinfo was look at the etex.log file created during TL
installation.  That tells the language names available -- and the
numbers, but it shouldn't be necessary (or desirable) to use the numbers
directly.  All you need to do is set \language.  For example:
   \global\language = \lang at ngerman

(Ideally, you should also adjust \{left,right}hyphenmin.)

As for your original question, how all this fits in with Babel -- Babel
supposedly works under plain, so you should just be able to \input
babel.sty (or something)?  (As you discovered, Eplain's \beginpackages
is not the answer.)  Read through the Babel documentation?

Hope this helps somehow,

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