[tex-eplain] how to hard code bibliography

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Mar 17 00:04:13 CET 2008

    eplain as thebibliography environment in latex?

Eplain reads exactly what BibTeX outputs.  If you create the bbl file by
hand, instead of using BibTeX, Eplain is not going to know the

I haven't tried it, but I do think you have to put your material in a
.bbl file and read it that way, rather than just including it in your
main document .tex file.  The code implementing the bbl commands is only
active in that context.  (We wouldn't to define a global \begin and
\end, for example.)

Oleg, if I'm correct, something along these lines should probably go
into the doc in the fullness of time ...


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