[tex-eplain] Tables and endnotes

Adam Fenn acwfenn at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 2 16:18:17 CET 2007

This is a macro by Amy Hendrickson that I've been using for endnotes.
I would like to be able to include a table within the endnote but when
I run TeX it complains:

Illegal parameter number in definition of \foot1.

What to do?


\global\advance\footnum by 1\relax$^{\the\footnum}$

\gdef\csname foot\the\footnum\endcsname{%

\noindent\hbox{\smash{\the\footnum. \hfill}}%


\global\advance\footnum by1\relax%
\csname foot\the\footnum\endcsname\relax

\endnote{This is an endnote.}

Adam Fenn

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