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Rex Shudde rshudde at comcast.net
Tue Aug 21 22:02:33 CEST 2007

Is there any way, in any of the new TeX processors, to print output in landscape mode from a dvi file containing custom made pk font files which are not compatible with ps??

By way of background, I'm a 20+ year user of plain TeX, still using eplain version 2.3b (11 Feb 1994), and do not use LaTeX.  Until the last six months my primary TeXing has been with a DOS version PCTeX and also emTeX.  These programs have dvi drivers which can output both profile and landscape.

One example is MiKTeX and Yap.  Apparently Yap will only output landscape when the file is converted to ps, but you can't convert a pk font to ps.

The 2005 printing of the Eplain manual has no mention of landscape but does mention text rotation on page 30, which again appears to involve conversion to ps.

I don't yet know what capabilities are in TeX Live 2007, which I have installed but have been too intimidated by to delve into it properly.

At the moment, I am still relying on the ancient emTeX for my landscape printing, but this seems to be one giant step into the past.

I certainly agree with Karl Berry's comments (Eplain manual, page 1, paragraph 3) about being out luck if you are forced to use LaTeX, but don't like their styles.  With LaTeX I could never have TeXed the two volumes of "Lost Secrets of Ancient Hawaiian Huna," especially Volume II, which is a chant book.

Sorry for the verbosity, I just wanted readers (hopefully with viable solutions) to know where I'm coming from and why I can't use any of the stuff I've found so far. 

Many thanks,
Rex Shudde
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