[tex-eplain] Warnings about redefinition of xref labels

Tom Penicka tom.penicka at centrum.cz
Wed Mar 1 08:17:46 CET 2006

  thanks for the comments. I wrote the code as a quick hack, because I did
big changes in a structure of my PhD thesis and I wanted to know if I have 
multiple defined labels.

> Say you have a document with 100 labels.  You run it a few times so
> everything is defined.  Then you add a new page to the beginning of the
> document, so all the page number shift by one.  Won't you get 100
> warnings?  That's what my comment was trying to say.

Yes, this probably most problematic part. You would get 100 warnings. If you
run eplain second time, there will be no warnings. Maybe it would help to
look into the LaTeX source code and try to use its cross references. I don't
know if it is applicable. Maybe the way, how LaTeX manages cross-references
is completely different.

Answers to the remainig questions: Yes, it was written as a quick hack, so I
didn't play with it. I think that somebody who knows eplain better than me
should modify the code. Please feel free to modify it.


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