[tex-eplain] Improvement for hyperlink option handling

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Sep 4 00:21:18 CEST 2005

    Destination types are (for pdftex, for dvipdfm they are similar):

But not exactly the same?  Can we map things so that the same names can
be specified in the doc whenever possible?  That seems like it would be
best for the user.

Calling these things (in both lists) "types" seems a little odd, but I
don't know what other words to suggest.  I'll wait to read the doc :).

      xrefn         \refn and \xrefn
      xref          \xref
      ref           \ref and \refs

Maybe combine these?  Can't quite imagine when they would want to be
treated differently.

  cite          \cite

Hyperref can produce back references from citations.  I find its default
output (the bare page number) useless (and am not sure how to change it,
though I'm sure it's possible), but maybe we should support it with some
other default output?

   S       The border is drawn as a solid line (default).

I admit I don't like boxed links.  No one would ever want to print an
actual document with them.  How about making the default just be another
color?  Perhaps this one, a subdued red which attempts to be (almost)
black in printouts, but distinguishable online.  More
experiments/suggestions welcome :).



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