[tex-eplain] pdf-based presentations with eplain?

Dorai Sitaram dorai at ccs.neu.edu
Wed Oct 5 18:59:39 CEST 2005

> > Would any of LaTeX's PDF-based presentation packages be similarly
> > susceptible to eplain's \usepackage?  I don't have enough experience with
> > LaTeX packages in general, let alone the presentation ones, to know much
> > what to think.
> Do you mean something like Beamer?  I've only heard of it
> but never used it.  I've tried to load it with Eplain
> (\usepackage[beamerarticle], don't know if it's the right
> package to load), and it does not seem to work :(.

There is a list of possibilities in
http://www.miwie.org/presentations/presentations.html , although it may be
a bit dated.  I haven't really used any of them, so don't know how strong
or easy-to-adapt any of them would be.  The most commonly heard names seem
to be pdfscreen, prosper, and HA-prosper (I guess that's for the really
funny presentations).

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